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2019/2020 Registration 

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Register With the Dundee Township Park District

Step 1 - Park District Registration


Starting July 29th Registration will open for Resident Participants & August 5th for Non-Residents.

 47198-01 $70(R)/$85(NR)

Click Here to Sign Up for USA Wrestling

Register with USA Wrestling

Step 2 - Sign up for USA Wrestling Card

All wrestlers are required to register with USA wrestling. New members are required to send in a birth certificate.

$50 Membership Fee

USA Wrestling Membership Purchase Available after August 21st

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Volunteer/Singlet Deposit And warm up fee

Step 3 - Volunteer/Singlet Deposit and Mandatory Warm Up Fee. 

The Dundee Highlanders require all parents to Volunteer at our home tournament. $40 Volunteer deposit &

$60 Singlet deposit are required.

2 checks must be turned it. Checks are returned once volunteer obligation is met and singlet is returned. Check will not be deposited. 


$50 warm up (Shirt and Shorts) fee. Warm ups are for the wrestler to keep.